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About Julia

Julia grew up on the beach along one of the Great Lakes of Canada. With sand through her hair, she played and cartwheeled with her sister every night, until the sun disappeared behind the horizon. While growing up, travelling was a huge part of her life, and experiencing different cultures became instilled in her values.


At the age of 9, Julia began acrobatic dance classes, which turned into 7 years of competitive dance. Although she was not intrigued by the trophies, just by being on stage and performing, always with a big smile. Julia is experienced in many genres of dance, but always felt called to the acrobatic side of performing. She was introduced to aerial hoop, and fell in love with it for its wonderful combination of athleticism and artistry. She pursued her training with private lessons in dance, aerial hoop and acrobatics, and was accepted into the world renowned National Circus School in Montréal in the DEC (collegial) program. Although she specializes in aerial hoop, she also does duo trapeze, and continually develops skills in group acrobatics, banquine and partner work.


Circus has opened Julia's world up more than she ever imagined, providing an international community of artists that make the impossible possible. She strives to create, perform and share passion through movement and experience wherever she goes in the world of circus.

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