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Photo by Melika Dez

I fell in love with aerial hoop for its unique versatility that allows me to pull from my acrobatic side as well as my dance side. Now I continue to find ways of transforming my movement on my apparatus to be anything from graceful and elegant to intense and dynamic.


I have been doing aerial hoop for 8 years, being coached privately by Meaghan Wegg and Nadia Richer before attending Ècole nationale de cirque for the 3 year collegial DEC program at age 18. While at school, my coaches included Nadia Richer, Nathalie Hébert and Howard Richard, my artistic counselor.

Video by Luc Tremblay

 Julia creates an unmistakable ambiance, taking you with her to the ocean. Through music and movement, you can feel the vastness of the sea, as it takes you, floating back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Inspired by the ocean’s beauty and strength, Julia dances like a partner with her aerial hoop. She seamlessly flows from her apparatus to the stage like the waves climb and slide down the shore.
Her curiosity takes her blindly at first, as she encounters obstacles and heartache. Then in the calmness of the deep blue, she finds serenity. She discovers there is peace in trusting that life will unveil harmoniously, in the way that it was meant to be. Swimming at depths she thought she would drown in, she finds a place where resilience, awe and courage all exist together.
Nurturing and beautiful, powerful and destructive, she is strong. She is her own ocean. 
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